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In November 2023, I successfully completed the WEB DEVELOPER professional certification course, compliant with the European EQF4 standard. The program, divided into 12 months of in-person lessons and 300 hours of internship at a web company, allowed me to acquire in-depth skills in the development of web applications on both the FRONT-END and BACK-END.

Previously, I undertook the self-taught study of HTML, CSS and Javascript, acquiring skills through various online courses on Udemy.

In 2016, I further expanded my educational background by attending an intensive English language course at the Regent School of Oxford during an extended stay in the United Kingdom for professional reasons.

Web Developer professional certification course

San Nicolò Foundation
Noventa Padua (PD)

The course that I successfully completed in November 2023 was designed in accordance with the EQF4 professional standards, following the skills documented in the National Framework of Professional Standards for the role of Web Developer.

Aviation high school diploma

Grupul Scolar Ind. Aeronautica "Henri Coanda", Bacau - Romania

During my previous career in the healthcare sector I obtained the diploma of Social Health Worker (OSS) and attended numerous professional specialization courses, both in Italy and at the national healthcare institution NHS in the United Kingdom.